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Friends of Jimmy Miller, Inc.

We are a 501(c)3 Corp. dedicated to children in need. A volunteer organization which banded together to bring Jimmy Miller's dream to the point it is today.

The Friends of Jimmy Miller, Inc. was formed on behalf of children in need in Connecticut. We are proud to continue Jimmy's life long dedication and legacy of helping the children in need in our state.

Please come back often, thank you for your support!

Our Dinner this year will be on Tuesday December 4th 2012. 

This is an invite only affair, you need to get your tickets from a committee member.

Without these dedicated committee members donating their time and effort, and with out the support of all our friends, this would not be what it is today.

: Dominic Schioppo              Vice President:  Jim Miller Jr.

Secretary:  Anthony Paolillo                 Treasurer:  Richard LoRicco Jr.  

Committee:  Jimmy Miller Sr., Jerry Attanasio, John Benvenuti, Andrew Colavope, Pasquale Esposito, Bob Esposito, Frank Gargano, Jimmy Hooker, Fred Ivan, Bill Korolyshun, Richard LoRicco Jr. , Gary Meier, Gary Parker, Anthony Paolillo, Frank Romano, Terry Rooney, Marco Rumbin, Ken Hogan, Nicholas Frank, 
Joe Gamberdella, Joe Palmucci, Mike Baldo

Master of Ceremony and  Past President:  Bill Lovanne 

Thank you to our Headline Co-Sponcers

Ken Hogan Construction, LLC.    and    Yale Termite and Pest Elimination:

  18 Nancy Lynn Lane Oxford, CT (203) 888-6042
69 Mott St
Ansonia, CT

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